QuickRecharge.in is an initiative of HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to delivering next generation online prepaid recharge solutions. QuickRecharge.in will offer its customers a high quality of service with the convenience of access from your desktop/laptop using the internet.

For any queries related to the QuickRecharge.in service, feel free to write to us at: care@quickrecharge.in

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URL : countryrecharge.in/admin
user : countryRec
pass : CNT#18
pin : Quick@18

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URL : countryrecharge.in/manage_login
User : 9051755536
Password : yCxPw
Pin: yCxPw


URL: countryrecharge.in/manage_login
User: 9830708547
Password : yCxPw
Pin: yCxPw>


URL : http://www.countryrecharge.in/
User: 6290473577
Pass: 1234
Pin: 43210

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